What is Ignis Inception?

Ignis– fire, transformation, passion, light.
Inception– establishment, point of creation, beginning.

-True modern alchemy-

Ignis inception stands as a creative platform for the artisan, Harry Brown, in which he expresses reimaginings of philosophical and theoretical concepts by means of lighting sculptures and other ambient creations. Often gathering discarded or disused items and scrap material Harry then uses their form and properties to inspire the design and function of new, more valuable creations. As a by-product of this process, much of the items are limited in number and all are unique with their own stories. All the creations are hand-crafted, fusing the old and the new to produce high-quality items bursting with character, innovation and sage consultation.

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Genesis Lamp - Ignis Inception

Subliminal Sage Consultation

Imbued in almost all pieces is a timeless message of philosophical or theoretical thought. This coupled with the ambient nature of these artisanal designs aim to create a peaceful, relaxing environment. In this calm state Harry’s suggestive art gently exposes you to some of the deeper, timeless questions of existence with hopes to offer moments of meaningful self reflection.

Reconstituted Relics

Today’s throw-away society has ensured an abundance of inspiration for Ignis Inception. This means that each piece has its own unique character and story. Conversely it also means that most items are limited in numbers and are often one off pieces, so be sure to stay tuned.

Tailored Treasures

Much of the work that comes through the doors at Ignis Inception are those of a custom nature. Many clients with to reinvent old treasures or create a specific design. Harry believes that ANYTHING is possible and takes particular interest in working with his customers. All requests are welcome!

Hand Crafted Designs

All items are hand crafted locally in Brunswick from 100% locally sourced items making for a truly community minded business. Harry grew up under the ethos of ‘Ever Seeking Knowledge’ and as a result he constantly strives to learn new manufacturing techniques from ancient forgotten arts to those of the modern age of robotic precision.



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