Ignis Inception at RAW Melbourne Showcase Nov 2014


fire, transformation, passion, light.       



establishment, point of creation, beginning.

About Ignis Inception

Ignis Inception is true modern alchemy

Alchemy – ‘A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination’ – Oxford University Press.

Imbued in almost all my pieces is a timeless message of philosophical or theoretical thought. This coupled with the ambient nature of these artisanal designs aim to create a peaceful, relaxing environment. In this calm state my suggestive art gently exposes you to some of the deeper, timeless questions of existence with hopes to offer moments of meaningful self reflection.

In today’s busy lifestyle I find that people seldom have the true effective means to just, relax, and enjoy the limitless pleasures of self reflection and quiet contemplation. The ability to question, to ponder, is truly unparalleled. The unique transcendence of thought is commonly overlooked in today’s climate of immediate gratification and looming deadlines.

I strive to offer transmuted embodiments of tranquility, contemplation and katharsis via means of luminary sculptures and other ambient works. My pieces are designed to be beautiful in their own right and at the same time act as a functional thought experiment within itself. I aspire to infuse each design with the power to transform the environment of any given space. These new enhanced environments create a desired mood and the mood is in turn intended reflect the original inspiration / the message behind the piece.

All items are hand crafted locally in Brunswick from 100% locally sourced items making for a truly community minded business. I grew up under the ethos of ‘Ever Seeking Knowledge’ and as a result I constantly strives to learn new manufacturing techniques from ancient forgotten arts to those of the modern age of robotic precision.

This fusion of varied manufacturing techniques and unique design principals is what Ignis Inception has become.

So, whats the story?