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My Story


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Growing up in rural Queensland I have always been close to nature and have a strong affiliation with the natural world surrounding me. As a child every day after school and every weekend I would be off exploring the bush. I would observe the organic cycles and how nothing in nature was ever put to waste. I began to see the potential in everything (usually revolving around my newest cubby house). A rocky overhang and a few fallen branches became a shelter, a hole in the ground and an old cupboard door became a makeshift fridge etc. Being resourceful was fun as a child and for me, nothing has changed.

As I grew older I began to really see myself becoming the product of my parents. My father an electrical trades TAFE teacher and a very deep thinker. My mother a shop owner and extremely active humanitarian. As well as my Stepmother (mumma two), a self-starter, bubbly realist and ever vigilant environmentalist.

Later in life I moved to Melbourne with an Environmental Engineering Degree, but after the GFC the only jobs I could manage to land where those in hospitality. At some point my actively analytical mind demanded a creative outlet to vent. Ideas started to form, designs started to come to me and soon enough I had taken over the dining table with sketches and samples of varying kooky designs.

At this point the whole process became extremely organic. As the ideas began to flow I realised that I was creating more and more artistic solutions to solve a point of contention I had in my own home. I was creating lamps. But opposed to the energy hungry, sterile and intrusive light that filled my house I was making was efficient, warm, inviting and very personal lights.

I was really enjoying this new found hobby of mine but a quiet part of me had some other, bigger aspirations for these lamps. I talked to friends and family about my thoughts of potentially turning my hobby into a lifestyle and slowly began working on what has now become Ignis Inception.

I now realise that Ignis Inception is the mature reimagining of my childhood in rural QLD. The family home was always filled with the smell of incense and the “lights” where always off. Instead replaced by kerosene lanterns and candles. My fondest memories of that time are those when the stormy season was upon us. We would make pizzas in the old wood fired oven and then sit out on the verandah in the dull glow of a hurricane lamp, watching the lightning show above.

I guess, with that in mind, my form of artistic outlet was always somehow going to be an organic reflection of those fond times. I find great joy in fusing the old and the new to form these bizarre artistic alchemical creations of mine. Furthermore they always lend that same sense of ambiance and comfort that I was fortunate to experience in childhood. And what a perfect setting to offer viewers some of the self reflective philosophical concepts that I hold dear.

I am just extremely lucky that I have found my passion and I would intrinsically recommend for others to endeavour to do the same. In my opinion a great starting point for this would be that of Steven Kotler’s ‘Passion Recipe‘, of which I have also created a reflective lamp design for.

Thus ends my story so far, a tale of humble beginnings and humble ends. I hope that you will join me on my journey forward 🙂


With friendly thanks and best wishes,