Crook of Osiris


The Crook of Osiris is designed to be artistic, sculptural and practical. While the lamp can provide ample brightness to almost any sized room (with cones off) it is in smaller dark rooms that this lamp has maximum impact. This piece omits a dull ambient warmth (with cones on), not too dissimilar to the radiant glow of the slow burning embers left over from a raging fire. In this form it totally redefines it’s space. Rather than the lamp itself radiating light, it instead projects the light onto miscellaneous surfaces. As these illuminated surfaces reflect the warm copper tones it essentially turns the room itself into the light source.

Note: Special thanks to the Pierce sisters for inspiring this build!

Hey, look what I found!


  • Structurally the Crook of Osiris features 2 removable cone, or spike-like light covers that are used to adjust the light levelsThese covers are locked in place by two handforged silver pins.
  • Featuring polished copper, and stained walnut with a polished beeswax finish.
  • A subtle on/off toggle switch is located on the lamp stem for easy activation.

Salvaged Components

  • The walnut base is made from high end furniture offcuts.
  • Small leather feet on the underside of the lamp base are factory scraps from luxury car manufacturers.
  • The copper is almost always old salvage from around my own workshop or seconds from the local plumbing supply yard.
  • The lamp runs of Extra Low Voltage 12V plug-pack highlighted with a decorative fabric sheath covering power lead. This enhancement created from reclaimed climbing ropes to give a powerful vintage appearance.

Other Build Aspects

  • Designed to run durable, energy efficient LED globes (included). Each LED is rated run approximately 50,000 hours, to the average consumer this means a comfortable 6 years of use.
  • Handmade from 100% locally sourced materials.

Additional Bonus’s

  • Every build is accompanied by a certified letter of authenticity.
  • Minor customizations are considered.
  • Upon request a hand fitted premium leather grip and custom patinad components can be added for a truly one of a kind item.


Please note: As products are built to order the lead time can be 2/3 weeks. However the lead time barely extends over 1 week. Feel free to inquire about current lead times.


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The Crook of Osiris is a bold strong form, as a lamp it is able to provide a full gradient of lighting tones.



  • Consisting of 2 x 110lm, warm white light (LED globe included).
  • Only draws 3.6W when in use. Thats 1/4 the consumption of the equivalent incandescent.
  • The lamp runs off a 12V DC power supply that plugs directly into Australian standard wall socket.
  • Each LED globe has a rated lifespan of 50,000 hrs. The equivalent to 6 years of constant use.


  • When standing ≈ 6D x  35H x 40W (cm)
  • When packed down ≈ 6D x 31H x 18W (cm)


  • Pure copper
  • Walnut
  • Double braided fabric

Price Breakdown

~Because I believe in transparency~

Labour ≈ $175 total

Time ≈ 5 hours of labour in total

Materials ≈ $60 (average)

Markup % (for overheads etc.) ≈ 6.4%

∴ Net income before tax and overheads ≈ $38 / hour

Additional information

Attribute Information
Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 31 x 6 x 18 cm
Premium leather grip

YES please!, no thanks

Custom patina

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