The Iron Candle Oil Torch


Hey, look what I found!

This hearty yet sleek candle-like oil torch runs its best off citronella oil. This way not only will you get a good burn but if you happen to be outside the lovely citronella scent will ward off any pesky bugs that might try ruin your evening. When you’re done enjoying your torchlight simply snuff out the flame with the attached copper extinguishing cap to preserve your wick for the many months to come!

Want to see a video of The Iron Candle, click here!!

Additional Bonus’s

  • Choose whether of not you want a custom premium leather grip.
  • Every build is accompanied by a certified letter of authenticity.
  • Custom hallmarks can be requested for this design. Hallmarks can be a maximum of 6 numbers and letters in total.


Please note: As products are built to order the lead time can be 1/2 weeks. However the lead time barely extends over 1 week. Feel free to inquire about current lead times.


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The Iron Candle is a robust little oil torch that will provide hours of torchlight to illuminate your evenings and ward off any pesky bugs.



  • ≈ 3 hrs burn time (between refills), depending on the fuel.
  • ≈ 1kg
  • ≈ 26 x  6 (cm)


  • Pure copper
  • Polished galvanised iron
  • Brass
  • Leather foot pads

    Price Breakdown

    ~Because I believe in transparency~

    Labour ≈ $52.50 total

    Time ≈ 1.5 hours of labour in total + 2 days curing time

    Materials ≈ $45(average)

    Markup % (for overheads etc.) ≈ 7.7%

Additional information

Attribute Information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 26 cm
Premium leather grip

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