Wildfire – Faunus, skull lamp

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The Wildfire collection is a series of artistic lamps that celebrate the alluring intricacy of the skeletal form by fusing humanely sourced animal skulls with reclaimed timber. I like to think that these lamps preserve and imbue the animals enduring beauty.


Faunus, from Roman mythology was the horned god of the forest, plains and the fields.


Hey, look what I found!


  • Prominently featuring an amazing Roe Deer skull that is not only decorative but also served as the main light source.
    • This light source is activated by gently pulling on the larger toggle.
    • To deactivate simple to the same but using the smaller toggle.
  • The skull is mounted onto a board of salvaged off-cuts that have been artistically laminated.
  • Below the mounting panel is a framed slice of impact resistant acrylic. This acts as a secondary light source.
    • To activate simply dock the accompanying key into the back of the lamp.
    • Removing the key will quell this light.
  • Stabilising this piece is another stylized wooden off-cut, this time coated in 24ct gold enamel.

Salvaged Components

  • All aesthetic components of this piece are 100% salvaged items.

Other Build Aspects

  • Designed to run durable, energy efficient LED globes (included). Each LED is rated run approximately 50,000 hours, to the average consumer this means a comfortable 6 years of use.
  • Handmade from 100% locally sourced materials.

Additional Bonus’s

  • Every build is accompanied by a certified letter of authenticity.
  • Minor customizations are considered.


Please note

  • As products are built to order the lead time can be 2/3 weeks. However the lead time barely extends over 1 week. Feel free to inquire about current lead times.
  • The nature of this product also means that:
    • each skull will be unique and different to what is pictured here.
    • some measurements and angles will also change slightly to what is pictured here. These alterations will merely make your piece more unique.
    • Pick-up is highly advised over posting.


Please read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

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  • Produces 50 – 300lm of warm white light (LEDs included).
  • Only draws 2.5W when in use. That’s 1/4 the consumption of the equivalent incandescent.
  • The lamp runs off a 12V DC power supply that plugs directly into any Australian standard wall socket.
  • Each LED globe has a rated lifespan of 50,000 hrs. The equivalent to 6 years of constant use.


  • ≈ 25L x  40H x 18W (cm)


  • Can include, but not limited to, Bamboo, Jarrah, American Oak, Walnut etc.
  • Impact resistant acrylic.
  • Roe Deer skull.
  • etc.

Price Breakdown

~Because I believe in transparency~

Labour ≈ $280 total

Time ≈ 8 hours of labour, however with drying times this build takes up to 1 week

Materials ≈ $100 (average)

Markup % (for overheads etc.) ≈ 10.53%

∴ Net income before tax and overheads ≈ $40 / hour

Additional information

Attribute Information
Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 35 x 50 x 40 cm